study-boyAt the heart of Palm Beach County is its residents, and at Sweets Foundation our goal is to help those residents reach their maximum potential.  We believe that access to a good education is one of the cornerstones necessary to reach that goal.  We also know that how well a student does in school is often not determined by their academic skills. Students can face a variety of challenges at school or home that stop them from reaching their highest levels. That’s why we designed our Beyond the Basics Student Needs Program to help meet the needs of students and across a variety of settings.

We will be providing supplies to classrooms based on teacher requests throughout the school year with an emphasis on those times when supply donations tend to lag. In addition, our program will use a modified version of the “I wish my teacher knew”, technique pioneered by a Colorado teacher, to discover issues hidden from the school that may be affecting student performance.  This additional student based  input will allow Sweets Foundation to address specific needs such as school supplies, clothing (especially school uniforms), nutrition, tutoring or mentoring. Our approach will allow students to thrive by tailoring each response to a student’s individual needs.